Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA

Anybody can grow Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushroom strains at home. We at Magic Mushroom Grow kit USA only sell premade mycelium magic mushroom growing kits that don’t require any mycology skills or knowledge. We have many different strains and strengths to choose from. Buy easy, safe and fast online in our shop

Cambodian magic mushroom grow kit USA

Cambodian Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Easy grow Cambodian magic mushrooms yourself,  especially with the 100% Mycelium kit. The Cambodian trip is energetic and spiritual with a long during intensity. The effects are on average strong and therefore worthwhile for users who want to experience just a little more. Cubensis trip reports from the USA say: you may gain insights about life or the world in general while tripping.

Ecuador magic mushroom grow kit USA

Ecuador Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Originating from the Andes in Ecuador, at 1000 meters altitude. The Psilocybe cubensis Ecuador is very popular among growers for it's large firm mushrooms. The active substance in Ecuador mushrooms is a plant alkaloid called psilocybin. Connoisseurs value the Ecuadorian mushrooms for the pure effect that makes a trip such a wonderful experience. A medium to powerful mushroom with strong visual effects.

Golden Teacher magic mushroom grow kit USA

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

The Golden Teacher is the most popular psilocybe cubensis strain due to its easy, rapid growth and impressive potency. It's a very mysterious mushroom  where the second flush is much larger than the first.  Golden Teachers are very potent mushrooms and can give you a very strong trip. Are you ready for a deep amazing trip experience?

B-Plus magic mushroom grow kit USA

B-Plus Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

The B+ strain is by far the most adaptable strain. No need to soak the kit in water for the first flush, you can start growing large and sturdy mushrooms immediately.  Known for warm, visual and spiritual trips. If you ask people in the USA about their experiences with this mushroom you will hear many positive stories. Happy, cheerful with medium visual effects. Grow your own shrooms today and order in the online shop.

Mckennaii magic mushroom grow kit USA

McKennaii Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

This is the strongest mushroom we have in our range.  If you are looking for a powerful visual and intense philosophical trip, the McKennaii is an excellent choice. Because tripping like this can be quite intense, we recommend that you only use this mushroom if you have already tripped several times in the USA before. A trip strengthens your feelings, so keep in mind that it is important to ask yourself how you feel first.

Mazatapec magic mushroom grow kit USA

Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

If you’re looking for a strain that's easy to grow and yields a high, consistent and steady batch, then this is the shroom for you. Strong Psychedelic Effects. If you’re looking for a mushroom that will allow you to unlock parts of your mind that you never knew existed, then this is the strain for you. The psychedelic effects of this strain are unmatched. Comes in an easy and ready to grow mycelium kit. All work doen for you. Get yours now.

Mexican magic mushroom grow kit USA

Mexican Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Formerly called Stropharia Cubensis the most famous mushroom. Hallucinogenic mushrooms used in religious ceremonies were considered sacred and were called “god’s flesh” by the Aztecs. Grow kit is completely colonized by mycelium awaiting the right fruiting conditions. Colors, sounds, objects and even time can all seem very different. The trip is social, euphoric, visual, and promotes philosophical thinking and a visionary state of consciousness can be reached.

Moby Dick magic mushroom grow kit USA

Moby Dick Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Psilocybe cubensis Moby Dick is the result of a genetic mix of two unusual mushroom strains, Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. Moby Dick's ivory caps have a faint blue tint to them, and the base of the thick white stem is covered in fuzz. If you are looking for a special trip, this mushroom is perfect for you. Trip reports from the USA say: It's effects are mind blowing and a trip on Moby Dick shrooms is unforgettable. Let's order your now.

Thai magic mushroom grow kit USA

Thai Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Discovered on the Thai island of Koh Samui by mycologist John Allen. Anyone who has ever been to Thailand has probably heard of the happy milkshakes at the famous full moon parties. That's what these Thai magic mushrooms are in. These Thai grow kits are very easy to set up and to cultivate and produce their first crop quite quickly. Thai magic mushrooms have an effect that makes most people social. Suitable to take when you go to a goa / trance festival or party.

Why Magic Mushroom Grow kits USA?

We no longer sell the low quality standard grow box! The standard mushroom kits are sold in every mushroom shop but do contain a lot of fillers and only a little mycelium. After 25 years of innovation and further development, a line up of 100% mycelium Cubensis strains grow kits is on the market. No need for spores, no fillers, just ready to grow kits and almost fool proof. Buy your magic mushroom grow kit online here! Every week our stock is replenished with new fresh kits. Top quality with every delivery! If you have any questions about the use of these shroom kits, then read down below. Once purchased, we will ship your purchase at the speed of light. Experience what home grown magic mushrooms can be like.

Which Magic Mushroom Grow Kits
are for sale?

At Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA Shop we only sell kits from mushroom experts that contain more then 25 years of knowledge to produce Cubensis strain grow kits for mushrooms with high levels of active ingredient. The psilocybe mushrooms of these grow kits contain more psilocybin than the other brand grow kits. Only high quality is desirable for an amazing grow and trip experience! We don't use an expensive fancy website, all we do is sell the best product on the market today at the best and lowest price.

What is a magic mushroom grow kit?

A modern growkit is the easy way to grow your mushrooms. Anybody can grow Psilocybe Cubensis strains. By ordering from Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA you are fully equipped and your kit will give you more satisfaction than ever before. No spores needed, no fillers! Growing your own magic mushrooms is easy and don’t require any mycology skills or knowledge. That is, if you use a premade magic mushroom growing kit. From a single shroom kit you can pick up more than one harvest. You will have several trips on one mushroom grow kit! So what strain is good for me?

Psilocybe grow kits for the novice mushroom users:

  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Cambodian
  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Mexican

Psilocybe grow kits for the average mushroom user:

  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Mazatapec
  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Ecuador
  • Magic Mushroom Growkit B+

Psilocybe grow kits for the experienced mushroom users:

  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Moby Dick
  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Albino
  • Magic Mushroom Growkit McKennaii

How to use a magic mushroom grow kit?

  • Remove the grow kit, plastic bag and paperclip from the box Remove the lid from the grow kit (keep lid well) Rinse the lid under running water, you will need it later.
  • Place the grow kit without lid in the plastic supplied bag. Slide the opening of the bag under the bottom with the micro perforation upwards. The opening of the bag is now largely closed. You do not need to worry about air circulation.
  • From the moment you see small balls growing, you can put the bag upright. Do not water. The first mushrooms will be visible after about 1 week.
  • Place the grow kit in an area with enough daylight and in a temperature of between 18 ° C and 28 ° C. NEVER place the grow kit in direct sunlight. Although magic mushrooms will grow at almost any temperature above 15 ° C - 23 ° C (that's 59.0° - F73.4°F in the USA) is ideal temperature for an optimal harvest. Special heat mats are available to guarantee this temperature and not to have to heat the entire room.
  • From this stage, leave the bag a little open all the time, so that the moisture a little can evaporate. Too much moisture is not good. Your first harvest will be about a week after the first bulbs appear. Make sure to harvest before the first spores drop!
  • These sets will produce multiple mushroom crops. To do this, fill the kit with clean tap water after the first harvest. This process is known as cold shock and it breathes new life into the mycelium and ensures that enough moisture is available for the mushrooms to grow.
  • Place the lid of the grow kit back on the kit. Let the set rest for 12 hours. Open a corner of the lid and allow any excess water to drain. From here you can follow the instructions from step 1 again. This process can be repeated multiple times.

How to harvest a magic mushroom grow kit?

Always use a mouth mask and gloves during harvesting your psilocybin mushrooms. Cubensis strain grow kits will produce their first crop quite quickly. The first caps are already visible after 7 days. Low and high temperatures can slow down this growth process. Once the caps are visible, it usually takes another 7 days for the mushrooms to fully develop. The exact moment of harvest is extremely important! When the membranes under the hats are still closed is the time has come to start harvesting. When the membranes crack open and the spores drop out you are to late. A 1200cc magic mushroom growkit from yields between 500g and 800g of fresh, or 50-80g dried mushrooms.

Buy your magic mushroom grow kit online

Ready to try cultivate your own shrooms, just buy your grow kit online: fast, safe and easy. We ensure that you receive your package quickly, in packaging that guarantees the quality of your grow kit. At magic mushroom grow kit USA we not a one day fly. We sell kits for many years and know our sources. We wish you happy tripping after growing your own.

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